Fixer and Video Production support in China

May 11, 2020

Alchemist Films is a production company that specializes in productions in China. We are an international team that can line produce, conduct research, assist with finding local crew/equipment, and procure official shooting permissions.

With the right fixer, shooting in China is both easy and inexpensive. We are a bilingual production support company that can help with your film, TV, docementary or commercial production in China.

We are also a full-fledged production house that can make any film, TV, or commercial production in China a reality.

Our team has worked with many broadcasters, including BBC, Al Jazeera, ARTE, CNN, NYTimes, DR2, VPRO, and more.

Our entire staff is fully bilingual in English and Chinese.

Alchemist Films can help you plan a shoot in China. We procure permissions, conduct research, scout locations, find subjects, assist in scriptwriting, and fill out crews with top local talent. We have experience securing access for a wide variety of budgets.

Alchemist Films will ensure that your production runs as smoothly as possible. Every one of our line producers is fully bilingual in Chinese and English, and can double as an interpreter. Our speciality is keeping costs down on China productions.

Want to out-source your production? We have a roster of proven directors and local talent with experience in a variety of productions. Contact us to discuss your idea.