May 11, 2020

Shanghai China Video Film Documentary Television Fixer? We are a team of producers that work closely with the local crew and companies for the value perfomance production services, feel free to contact us for more info about right option for fixers. Fixers that we work with usually work on international and local video film documentary television all types of project, we help content creators get what they want in this “great great” nation.

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Being Documentary fixer can be challenging, there are many different topics in China that might not be easy to apply for the permit, and when it comes to journalist visa it’s even more complicated. We have talented and experienced fixers can help you do the research and find the details and possibilities of arranging and working on all the process.


Film Fixer usually help on our customer with their all the filming needs in China, we understand what it needs to make the right shots happen, and we always work closely with clients to make sure they get what they want here.


Television Fixer
There are so many television happening in China in this era, entertainment has never been bigger, we help our clients scout the place, organize things for our clients, so they can focus on their clients and ideas.

Our own team of producers have been working on NGO, Discovery, BBC, France 24 and more, We communicate well and we solve the problems for our clients, seriously.

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