Why Choose Alchemist Films to shoot in China?

May 11, 2020

Alchemist Films work with a collective bunch of fixer talents all over China, with their experience and different background, we are able to handle the different types of project from scratch, feel free to send us an email with your idea and let’s get started!


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From hiring an individual to a complete filming crew, we have done it and ready for more!

How to Shoot In China?

It’s very confusing to get started if you never been to China, but it’s not that complicated if you are working with Alchemist Films.

We help our clients with their filming needs in China:

-China Film Equipment Rental, Local Film Crew Hire;

-Journalist Visa/J2 VISA Application, Filming Visa Application;

-Location Access, Permission, Location Scouting;

-Production Services;

Alchemist Films and Video Production
Alchemist Films helps our clients with their film and video production needs, whether it’s documentary research or on site fixing the filming issues, we work with the fixers that comes with great skill set.

Why you need a fixer while shooting in China?

China is complicated (like anywhere else) when it comes to media production, you usually need a J2 Visa to operate any type of shooting related project, although China has great amount of stories to offer, it’s still a big risk to work without the right visa and permit.

We have done years of fixing for our clients, and we can help our clients knock out all the doubts before they start their projects, not like the usual fixer services that stick with one fixer, our producers team are already quite experienced with how media works in China, along with great amount of fixers that we work with from time to time, our solutions are usually the key to our clients success.

Feel free to send us an email to start the conversation