Temasek Connection

Consulting - Singapore 2020

A documentary produced by Temasek that explores China's consumer revolution and its impact on the global economy. The film examines the rise of China's middle class and their growing demand for luxury goods and services, as well as the emergence of e-commerce platforms and online shopping.

The documentary features interviews with experts and analysts who provide insights into the ways in which China's consumer culture is reshaping the global economy. The film also examines the environmental and social costs of China's consumer revolution, including air pollution, waste disposal, and labor rights issues.

The title "Temasek Connection" refers to the investment firm Temasek, which is based in Singapore and has significant investments in Chinese companies. The documentary explores the role that companies like Temasek play in shaping the global economy and their impact on China's consumer revolution.

Overall, it is a thought-provoking and informative documentary that sheds light on one of the most significant economic and social transformations of our time. The film offers a compelling and nuanced portrait of China's consumer culture and its impact on the world, highlighting both the opportunities and the challenges of this rapidly evolving landscape.

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