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Commercial Works

From fashion to technology, fast consumer to real-estate. We produce videos across China.

Documentary Works

From fashion to technology, fast-moving consumer goods to real estate. We produce documentaries across China.

Our Video Production Awards

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Official Selection IDFA 2019

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Official Selection Sundance 2018

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Nominated Academy Awards 2020

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Winner Tribeca Film festival 2021

Why a Video Fixer in China

In the realm of media and entertainment, a China Video Fixer plays a crucial role in film and video projects within this vibrant country.

China's distinctive skyline and cultural richness make it a highly sought-after setting, but navigating the complexities of permits, scouting for locations, and understanding local customs can be overwhelming.

A China Video Fixer acts as a link between your creative vision and the local environment. Armed with extensive knowledge of the city's regulations and a network of contacts, they simplify the bureaucratic process.

Moreover, their familiarity with optimal shooting locations and connections to local talent can enhance your production significantly. Whether you're working on a commercial, documentary, or feature film, a China Video Fixer ensures a smooth and successful project, allowing you to concentrate on your creative vision while they tackle logistical challenges.

Our Video Production Services

From finding a place, the right talent, gear, and everything needed to make it happen. We organize and execute your film production when it matters the most.

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