Alchemist Films is a bilingual China video production house based in Shanghai and Beijing, China that specializes in fixing productions for overseas clients. Our team of English-speaking fixers and producers has extensive experience working with Western creatives and Chinese crews.

Our company has provided professional video production services and support in China since 2011. Over the years, we have helped countless clients run smooth and seamless video productions in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and throughout China. Today, we are one of China’s top video production companies specializing in fixing services for premium documentaries and TV commercials.

COVID has made it quite difficult for our clients to travel internationally to China. To help meet our clients’ demand for China video content, we reached out and compiled a list of competent, trustworthy local and foreign production crews in China using our years of experience. With state-of-the-art live monitoring and mainframe level, international data transfers are facilitated by our IT team. This allows us to continue working with foreign directors and producers over the internet.

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Jack Zhang is a Shanghai-based fixer, specializing in video production support in China. He started as a news fixer for western media companies in 2009. He has grown to be an experienced bilingual producer in news, feature stories, and documentaries. He has worked on a wide range of topics in China, from pollution to fashion, handled the impoverished and the wealthy elites. He is most talented in social, environmental and political issues.

Jack also owns a TVC production company Alchemist Films in Shanghai for commercial productions in China. Stepping Stone Production is a production entity that uses the best talents and the most innovative means from the West to produce first-class quality TVs for companies to expand their global market. Stepping Stone Production provides a full-scale production solution from pre-production to post-production, including motion designs and 3D projection.

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Our services include:
Proposal research/writing
coordinating international co-production
Fundraising from Chinese partners
Obtaining filming permits
Obtaining visas and carnet
Researching, including finding the right characters and stories
Location scouting and providing scout report
Handling logistics, including flights, transportation, lodging etc.
Hiring professional crews
Sourcing high-quality equipment from the local area

Onsite producing (line producer/ assistant producer)
Bilingual communication: translating between English and Chinese
Directing (director)
Time managing (First AD)

Footage selection and transfer
Sound effect

China Fixer & Video Production Services as Types of Video and Places:
1. Video Production China:-
When it comes to the questioning video production in China, there also multiple sub-question arises simultaneously. By the way, Alchemist Films is one of those companies that provides video production services in China. It offers “full video production support in China”.
We specialize in two types of video production described below.
a. Documentary Video Production China: Any type of documentary video you want to shoot in China, we are here to provide you with the service.

b. Corporate Video Production China: Likewise any type of commercial/corporate video production service is provided for foreign companies and ad agencies.

2. Fixer based in China:-
We are the fixer based in China s well as Shanghai and Beijing. We provide documentary and bilingual fixer services in China. To consider the location of the fixer service we are basically known as the China fixer which as tends as Shanghai and Beijing Fixer.
China Fixer: As a China Fixer we provide full support for video production all over China. We arrange everything ( Accommodation, Travel, Production equipment, Place authorities, etc) that needs to shoot in various places.