Nike React By You

Sports/Fashion - Shanghai 2020

Nike collaborates with Shanghai's all-woman running club, One Crew, to promote its latest React Foam technology and series. Our team was tasked with organizing and producing this engaging video in Shanghai for social media platforms.

We started by scouting the perfect locations across the city, capturing the diverse and energetic atmosphere of Shanghai as a backdrop for our story. Our local production crew worked closely with the One Crew running club to coordinate schedules and plan out the different shots needed to showcase the impact of Nike React on their running experience.
Throughout the filming process, our team was responsible for managing lighting, sound, and camera equipment, ensuring the highest quality footage was captured. We followed key members from the One Crew running club, capturing their daily routines and showcasing how Nike seamlessly integrates into their leisure and running activities.

Our crew joined the runners for both a day run and a night run, skillfully handling heavy cameras to keep pace with their swift movements, all while highlighting the support provided by Nike React. We also organized interviews with the One Crew members to get their insights on the benefits of the new Nike React technology and how it enhances their performance.

The result is a captivating and empowering video that showcases the beauty of Shanghai and the incredible women who make up the One Crew running club. Experience the energy and passion of these local female runners, brought to life through the lens of our team. If you're seeking a reliable and professional local production fixer and support for your next project, look no further than our experienced team. We'll ensure your vision comes to life with seamless execution and attention to detail.

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