Filming in China 101 with Alchemist Films

Expert Video Production Support for Filming in China – Alchemist Films

Alchemist Films offers comprehensive video production support in China for foreign media production companies. Learn about filming regulations, visas, crew sourcing, equipment considerations, and more.

Services and Key Topics:

  • Film Regulations
  • Visas
  • Location Permits Research
  • Crew Sourcing
  • Equipment and Technical Considerations
  • VPNs, Internet, and Mobile Phone Usage
  • Drone Regulations
  • Localization, Language, and Translations
  • Tax Budget Expenses
  • Security and Safety
  • Domestic Travel Planning
  • Cultural Content and Sensitivity
  • Livestreaming and Remote Work
  • Post-Production
  • Casting
  • Studio and Props

Feel free to contact us via email to learn more about filming in China. We provide valuable insights to facilitate your production process.

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