Google Marketing Livestream

Internet - Beijing 2020

Google is revolutionizing the way businesses worldwide connect with their clients, thanks to their innovative tool, Google Marketing Livestream. This groundbreaking technology enables companies to enhance their marketing efforts and establish stronger connections with customers.

We partnered with Google to create a seamless video link between Beijing and Google's San Francisco headquarters. This collaboration allowed for the remote interviewing and direction of the shoot with Unicom companies Papaya Mobile. The final product combined interviews and B-roll footage from various countries, resulting in a powerful testimonial video that showcased the transformative capabilities of Google Marketing Livestream.

By using Google Marketing Livestream, businesses can experience a new level of engagement, expand their reach, and ultimately foster stronger relationships with their clientele. This cutting-edge tool demonstrates Google's unwavering commitment to innovation and its determination to help companies succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

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