AMI Paris Art Cities

Fashion/Luxury - Shanghai 2021

Our client, who had previously approached us to film for Saint Laurent, also wanted us to work on projects for AMI Paris. To date, we have completed around 20 shoots for them, mainly focusing on billboards in various cities. These small-scale, long-term projects required us to find cost-effective solutions, leading us to develop a remote management system.

Having worked on numerous AMI projects, we understand the client's preferences and expectations, allowing us to efficiently guide local crews through online meetings. This approach ensures they have all the necessary information before starting the shoot.

In pursuit of the perfect angle, we have knocked on countless doors, climbed numerous stairs, and explored rooftops and residential buildings. These experiences have not only led to great shots but also memorable meals and stunning views.

We have also filmed commercials for AMI featuring celebrities. During a particularly busy season, finding available studios proved challenging, and we had to make do with smaller spaces. However, both artists were quite accommodating about the size constraints. Our team creatively rearranged the furniture in the artist's room, adding flowers and lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Although the preparations took a few hours, the actual shooting only lasted an hour, making it a relatively straightforward project compared to others we have worked on.

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