ANZ Junior Tennis Program

Corporate - Shanghai 2015

ANZ Bank is collaborating with local primary schools in China to sponsor an introductory tennis program for students. By partnering with top-tier and private schools, ANZ showcases its brand to influential and affluent parents, demonstrating their commitment to the community and providing local support.

We worked alongside a New Zealand production company to capture the essence of this initiative. Our role included handling location permits, casting, and coordinating with the school's administration. During the filming process, we encountered some obstacles with privacy concerns at the initial school. To overcome this challenge, we found an alternative school and cast enthusiastic children who were eager to participate in the tennis program.

These students were thrilled to learn tennis, as they had never had the opportunity or resources to do so before. In the end, the video highlights ANZ's dedication to fostering young talent and providing unique opportunities for children in the community. This collaboration demonstrates the positive impact a committed brand like ANZ can have on the lives of the next generation, thanks to their robust production support and strong presence in the local market.

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