New Balance The Local with HYPEBEAST

Sports/Fashion - Shanghai 2019

New Balance is set to launch its latest 24/7 series of footwear in China, and to promote this new line, they're running a social media campaign called "The Local." In partnership with HYPEBEAST, the campaign features local internet celebrities showcasing their lifestyles while wearing the new shoes, supported by a skilled production team.

In Shanghai, the famous Chinese-Canadian rooftop photographer, Jennifer Bin, has been chosen to represent the brand. Known for her striking city skyline shots, Bin has garnered a significant following on platforms like Instagram and 500px. Her photography often highlights geometry, patterns, and architectural elements.

For the campaign, we followed Jennifer throughout the night, capturing her journey from sunset to sunrise as she traversed various locations across Shanghai. In order to access locked rooftops and secure the best vantage points, our local fixer played a crucial role in helping us evade security guards, force open doors, and navigate through bustling all-night street food markets.

The director and director of photography were flown in for the project, while the rest of the crew, including production support staff, were hired from local talent. This collaboration between New Balance, HYPEBEAST, and the dedicated team on the ground in China promises to offer a unique and engaging perspective on both the brand's new footwear and the captivating lives of these local stars.

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