Wanda Better Tomorrow, Today

Real estate - Beijing 2016

Wanda Group, one of China's top commercial real estate developers, is known for its ubiquitous Wanda Malls throughout the country. They have created a cinema big-screen commercial, designed to play before movies, which showcases the impact of Wanda's developments on people's lives.

The heartwarming story demonstrates how Wanda is fostering unity and continuity within families, connecting its brand to themes such as family, happiness, and home. Collaborating with a UK agency, we contributed to this project by providing comprehensive local support, including actor casting, set design building, and hiring local crews.

Our team worked closely with over five main Chinese actors, offering extensive direction and instruction. This large-scale indoor studio shoot involved intricate art design, set construction, prop making, and nighttime filming in an empty Wanda Mall.

Through this captivating commercial, Wanda Group highlights its commitment to creating a better tomorrow for families and communities in China, while showcasing its strong collaboration with international partners and local production teams.

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