Wanda Fiba World Cup Little Champions

Real-Easte/Sport - Guizhou/Beijing 2020

A UK agency contacted us to assist with their project in Guizhou and Beijing, where we provided comprehensive video production support. We helped assemble an entire local crew, including a director and DOP, and handled equipment rental as well.

During the hottest days of the year, we embarked on a three-day shoot in sweltering Guizhou. The busy schedule and numerous uncertainties posed challenges, but as local producers, we ensured everything went according to plan. We developed a flexible call sheet to accommodate unforeseen changes, allowing us to make swift decisions with a full crew depending on us.

In addition to filming endless events and competitions, we conducted numerous interviews with local kids, kids from other cities, teachers, parents, and celebrities. We captured as much content as possible while checking off every item on our list. After each day's shoot, we held crew meetings to review the day's progress and plan for the next.

On the first day, we faced a frightening setback. After dinner, our DTI transferred the footage to two hard drives and deleted it from the memory cards. However, an error occurred, and the footage on one hard drive couldn't be opened. Our in-house producer tackled the problem, informed the client, discussed backup plans, and attempted to repair the hard drive himself. He successfully restored the lost footage by 3 am, saving us a significant amount of money.

One of our in-house fixers had experience working with children, which proved invaluable as our main subjects were kids. These local children, who had never flown on a plane before, won tickets to the FIBA competition in Beijing. We didn't know which kids would win, so we selected several and hoped for the best. Luckily, all three of our chosen kids won, ensuring our footage from Guizhou didn't go to waste.

We then followed the three kids to Beijing, where they met famous basketball players like Yao Ming and Jianlian Yi, and experienced a live basketball competition. The excitement of the event captivated them so much that they hardly noticed they were about to sing the national anthem on stage alongside these renowned athletes.

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