Volvo EC360 Excavator Series

Construction Vehicle - Shanghai 2022

Our French client introduced us to Volvo Construction Equipment after they had parted ways with their previous local production team due to issues with following the script for product promotion. As a test, we were assigned to film one equipment model first. Upon successful completion, the client came back to us for more model filming. While this was exciting, it also came during the hottest summer in over a century.

The subsequent experience was a mix of joy and pain, as the client continued to request our services, sending us back to work under the scorching sun. To survive the extreme heat, we brought complete camping gear to the site, including a tarp for shade, a camping trolley, folding chairs, a cooler with ice water, and plenty of sunscreen.

Under normal weather conditions, these projects wouldn't have been too challenging. However, over two months, we filmed six models, each taking three days of shooting under the sun for eight hours a day. Despite the intense heat, our incredible crew and the cooperative Volvo operator made things easier.
The EC360 shoot proved to be the most challenging. The site was located at a limestone mine in a remote area, and after about an hour of preparation, heavy rain began to fall. We initially tried to wait it out, but when rocks and mud started falling from above, we had to evacuate.

Each excavator model had its unique features, with some powered by electricity and others by diesel fuel. The main difference was their size and purpose. The EC360, weighing around 360 tons, was designed specifically for working in mines. Watching it in action was awe-inspiring, as it effortlessly broke rocks and climbed steep inclines. The crew members couldn't resist taking selfies in the cabin, providing some light-hearted entertainment.
Despite the challenges, the entire collaboration was a wonderful experience.

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