Huawei Flagshop Opening

Smartphone - Shanghai 2021

The Huawei Flagship Store opening project marked one of our first domestic ventures in 2020 when the pandemic began affecting every industry, including ours. With China's borders closed and a mandatory 14-day quarantine in place, few clients were willing to pay for quarantine to complete a project. As a result, we decided to explore the domestic market and reached out to numerous Chinese agencies for local projects. This project was the first one we secured.

Like our other projects, we hired the entire crew, handled equipment rental, and managed casting. However, this project was different in that we also assisted with script revision, acted as director, and took care of post-production. This shift from our usual role required even better communication.

Our task was to cover both Huawei's new product launch and the flagship store opening ceremony, which involved a month of pre-production, including costumes, props, background music, copyright clearance, scouting, and script revision.

Domestic projects presented unique challenges compared to international ones. Our client at Huawei had limited experience overseeing a shooting production and faced pressure from her supervisors. She frequently questioned our choices, such as music selection and filmed scenes. Fortunately, our director excelled at client communication, reassuring the client and maintaining confidence in our work.

The video needed to be launched the same day as the shoot. Our two in-house producers worked closely with the editor from 12 pm to 10 pm to finalize a 2-minute video, which required three versions before the client approved it. We felt immense relief and satisfaction when the client expressed happiness with our work.

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