Beer/Food - Beijing 2020

TUBORG, one of the world's top beer brands, brought together the talents of CLEAN BANDIT and Henry Lau for a unique collaboration in China. With Tuborg's support, the two artists joined forces to create new music and find inspiration in Beijing. Our team documented their five-day journey as they immersed themselves in the city's rich culture.

Following the script provided by our UK agency client, we researched and secured suitable locations for the singers. Our team arranged visits to a Beijing opera theater, a renowned roasted duck restaurant, traditional musical instrument players, and recording studios. We obtained all necessary location permits and organized interactions between the artists and local musicians.

In addition to securing locations, our team assembled a skilled local crew and provided equipment for the fly-in director and DOP. Throughout the production, we ensured that the project ran smoothly and efficiently.
Given Henry Lau's immense popularity in China, our team also designed exit strategies and routes, and hired security personnel to work alongside Henry's own team. This ensured that the hundreds of excited fans who gathered did not interfere with the production process.

The final video is a stylish and visually stunning testament to the power of collaboration and the vibrant energy of Beijing. Our team takes pride in delivering top-notch production support and helping to bring this exceptional project to life.

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