YSL Saint Laurent Cities

Fashion/Luxury - Tokyo/Seoul/Shanghai/New York 2020

Our journey into luxury brand projects began with Saint Laurent, a brand that stood out from typical luxury brands. Their concept focused on more than just their products and models; they aimed to feature captivating billboards in various cities worldwide, alongside the remarkable architecture that framed them.
Tasked with covering video shoots in Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai, we provided full production support, including local crew sourcing, equipment, and obtaining permits. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to find the best drone operators and camera crews in each city.

The client's specific request for drone shots from every conceivable angle meant that only highly skilled drone operators were suitable for the job. Scouting was crucial before the shoot, particularly in Tokyo, where strict drone regulations exist.
Our dedicated local crews navigated every street corner and scaled numerous buildings, ensuring we had the perfect angles for each shot. Thanks to their hard work, the video shoots went exceptionally smoothly.

In the end, the final video was a seamless blend of fashion, architecture, and urban landscapes, showcasing our expertise in video production services and our commitment to providing top-notch support for foreign production companies shooting in China.

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