Food/Beverage - Inner Mongolia 2019

PepsiCo China, the thriving Chinese division of the multinational food and beverage titan PepsiCo, has successfully carved out a strong presence in the country by providing a wide variety of beloved products, such as Pepsi, Lay's, Quaker, Mirinda, and Gatorade.

Committed to constantly adapting to local tastes and preferences, PepsiCo China dedicates significant resources to research, development, and marketing initiatives. These efforts aim to increase its market share and ensure that the company remains responsive to the ever-changing needs of Chinese consumers.

In a fruitful collaboration with a US agency, we joined forces with a fly-in director and DOP team to create a visually compelling story of PepsiCo China's commitment to innovation and local adaptation. To achieve this, we organized a proficient local crew and embarked on an extensive journey that took us to the far reaches of Inner Mongolia, the heartland of PepsiCo's potato fields.

Our exploration continued through chip processing facilities, bottling factories, and culminated in PepsiCo's Beijing office, where we arranged insightful interviews with dedicated company employees. The outcome of this unique partnership is an awe-inspiring corporate video that showcases the vast scale, impressive diversity, and unwavering commitment to excellence that define PepsiCo China's operations.

As the video unfolds, viewers are immersed in a narrative that highlights the company's unyielding dedication to understanding and catering to the distinctive needs and preferences of the Chinese market.

Simultaneously, the video emphasizes PepsiCo's global reach, innovative spirit, and determination to maintain its position as a leader in the food and beverage industry.

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