TRW True Originals Brake Discs

Auto Parts - Shanghai 2019

TRW, a global leader in brake disc manufacturing, creates high-quality discs found in numerous car brands, including Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota, among others. Their "True Originals" campaign is an international initiative, produced across multiple countries such as the UK, US, Italy, France, India, and China, to showcase the dedication and passion that goes into manufacturing their brake discs.

Each segment of the campaign features a protagonist from a TRW country office, telling a captivating story that connects their personal interests with the precision and craftsmanship behind the brake disc manufacturing process. In the China edition, a woman who loves traditional tea-making is highlighted for her elegant, beautiful, and detail-oriented approach—qualities that align with TRW's principles in producing top-notch brake discs.

In collaboration with a UK agency, we provided extensive support for this project, including location scouting and set design to create the perfect tea room. Additionally, we identified and recommended various locations throughout Shanghai for B-roll footage, emphasizing the distinctive Chinese context. This heartening campaign not only underscores TRW's commitment to precision and quality but also celebrates the diverse stories and cultural backgrounds of their global team members, showcasing the human element that drives their success.

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